About Us

As there are hundreds of Government Job vacancies and opportunities, the state and central governments are constantly filling them. The responsible government body publishes the recruiting and results for each post regularly. NDLM.in provides information related to these jobs. We provide high-quality job-related content that has been created by experienced professionals & teachers.

We all are aware of the benefits and authority of government jobs that are not possible to get through any of the private jobs. You can access the instant and latest information about all government jobs and core focus on Rajasthan specific government jobs.

Our vision

Our aim of launching NDLM.in is to democratize the jobs of the government sector and each candidate must get equal and authentic information to apply. In short, the target of this platform is to satisfy all the requirements of Government job aspirants.

Why choose us

While many people might wish to have a government job, they might not be able to attain it due to limited vacancies, tough competition, and lack of appropriate knowledge. Given below are
some of the strongest reasons to penetrate the challenges faced by govt/ job aspirants.
● Timely information & Vacancy update – We update govt. Job related information promptly so that candidate gets sufficient time to act.
● Authentic guidelines related to syllabus, cutoff, ranks, etc. – Our team does thorough research before posting any content.
● Oceans of Content – We will have plenty of information/assets likes syllabus, notes, previous years papers, sample paper, test question for most of the government jobs.
● More focus on the quality of the content- Our experienced team continuously works on developing such content which continuously provides remedial material on weak areas
to improve faster thereby reducing study cycles

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