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Asaram bapu health condition news satsang story hindi net worth age is alive latest photo आसाराम बापू को जोधपुर एम्स की ओपीडी में ले जाया गया. जहां उनकी यूरोलॉजी और अन्य मामलों से जुड़ी जांच की गई. लंग्स में संक्रमण की पुष्टि होने के बाद डॉक्टर ने भर्ती करने का निर्णय लिया

Asaram bapu health condition news

Asaram bapu health condition news In Hospital

Asaram Bapu was taken to the OPD of AIIMS Jodhpur. Where his investigation related to urology and other matters was done. After confirming the infection in the lungs, the doctor decided to admit

Asaram Bapu, who is serving a life sentence for sexual assault in Jodhpur’s Central Jail, was today (Saturday) taken to the Jodhpur AIIMS for a routine checkup. He has been admitted to AIIMS General ICU for investigation.

In Asaram’s health check-up, he found a large amount of enjoyment in his liver, for which his urine infection was encouraged, due to which Asaram was having fever for the last 5 days, keeping this in mind, the team of doctors of AIIMS admitted for operation in General ICU. Wherever Asaram went, there will be more tests for AsaramWill be kept under observation for the next 18 hours Before Asaram’s exit from jail at 11:00 am on Saturday, his devotees got information due to which a large number of seekers and devotees of Asaram gathered around in NCR, which the police had to do to continue. The police personnel had to struggle a lot

Asaram was taken to the OPD of AIIMS where he was examined related to Urology Money Department, after confirmation of infection in Lanka, the doctor did not take to the party as Asaram is suffering from fever for the last several days due to infection after Diwali. Big to see Asaram while he is being broughtA number of women and men gathered outside the C block, many women forcibly sat outside the C block, which the police had to make a lot of effort to remove. Because of this, Asaram gets one or two in a monthThe bar is brought in for regular check-up