Bank Employees 12th Bipartite Settlement BPS Salary (PDF List) Calculator Clerk & officer Latest News

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Some demands for the 12th BPS include: 

  • Increasing the income criteria for dependents
  • Setting the Provident Fund at 12% of the total salary and allowances
  • Paying Gratuity at the rate of one month salary and allowance without any ceiling

Some other news about the 12th BPS include: 

  • IBA agreed on 5 days banking
  • Revision in transfer allowances for PSB employees
  • MoF directed public sector banks to start 12th BPS settlement
  • Dearness Allowance increased by 2.52% from August 2023

The 12th Bipartite Settlement between the Indian Bank Association (IBA) and bank employee unions is expected to settle by 2025. The settlement will be effective for the next five years, starting November 1, 2022. The settlement will finalize the wage revision for bankers that has been due since November 2022. 

The basic pay of a new joinee PO was Rs 23700 before the 12th Bipartite Settlement. After the 12th Bipartite Settlement, the basic pay of a PO is expected to be Rs 53000.  The starting SBI Clerk salary in 2023 is Rs. 19900. 

12th Bipartite Settlement Salary PDF

The bilateral agreement that was going to be signed for the bank employee on 1 November 2022 has not come into force at that time, but on 21 August 2022, AIBOC General Secretary Rupam Rai informed that the agreement has been reached. Its orders are going to be placed soon. This agreement will be applicable for 5 years. In the meeting held between IBA and the banks’ union in Mumbai, it was decided that the amendment made for employees and bank officers will be effective from November 1, 2022.

12th bipartite settlement expected salary calculator

According to this agreement, the salaries of employees and officers will be increased by up to 15%. Due to this increase, DA (dearness allowance) up to 8088 points of price index would be merged with the basic pay, there will be an annual burden of about 8000 crore rupees on the banking industry, although it is not yet fixed that till when the increased salary from 01.01.2022 can be given. It is likely to pay off in around 2024 or 2025

bank salary structure after 12th bipartite settlement

Bank Employees 12th Bipartite Settlement calculator
Bank Employees 12th Bipartite Settlement for clerk
Bank Employees 12th Bipartite Settlement for officer

In the above table, you have been explained the different Expected Basic Pay of Clerk Staff and Officer Staff which will be applicable after the agreement of 01.11.2022. You can check your basic pay salary in the above table

12th bipartite settlement latest news

(1/2) UFBU message: A round of discussions was held today with the main Negotiating committee of IBA. It is agreed that the settlement will be effective from 01.11.2022 for the next 5 years.

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