Delhi Pollution Lockdown News, What Will Be Closed And Open All Information, School And Govt Office WFM 2021

आप सब लोगों को पता है दिवाली से लेकर अब तक दिल्ली के चारों तरफ एक ऐसी चादर छाई हुई है जो कि प्रदूषण की चादर है इस को लेकर 2 दिन पहले Supreme Court ने गवर्नमेंट को फटकार लगाई थी, After That Delhi Pollution Lockdown Decision taken By govt.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has decided to impose a 7-day pollution lockdown,You will be given all the news related to Delhi Pollution Lockdown News & Guideline for delhi lockdown ,  in this post, Just a few days ago, the whole of India was troubled by the lockdown of Corona now this pollution lockdown in delhi has raised several questions in peoples mind.

delhi pollution lockdown

What will Open in Delhi Pollution Lockdown?

In this lock down, everything will not be closed like Corona, now according to the decision of the government, except construction activities, everything will continue as normal,The main reason for stopping the construction activities is the dust caused by it, due to which the pollution increases further, due to which the air quality index of Delhi is very poor, All government offices in Delhi will remain closed for 1 week and work from home will continue with 100% capacity.

What will be closed in pollution lockdown ?

According to the announcement of the Delhi government, all schools will be closed in this lock down, apart from this, construction work will be closed, work-from-home will be implemented in all government offices, private offices will also be implemented work from home as far as possible, Children are the most affected by pollution, due to which the Delhi government decided to close the school so that children do not inhale the polluted air.

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For how many days will the construction work be closed : 

According to the order of the government, from November 14 to November 17, construction activities will remain closed for 4 days.

What is the reason for delhi pollution lockdown :

Pollution had increased in Delhi due to firecrackers since Diwali, now Delhi has a UI index of 427, if only one air index goes above 400, then it is considered severe and thousand DS, due to this pollution, people are heartbroken. There may be a disease related to breathing and cancer like cancer.

The main reason for the pollution is the stubble burning from the surrounding states, apart from this, the pollution of vehicles is also the main reason.

Due to such pollution in Delhi, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has said that such a situation has arisen in Delhi that people have to wear masks even inside the house. It was said by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court On Delhi Pollution : 

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court NV Ramana ji has said the Delhi Government that the pollution in Delhi is not only because of the farmers, the pollution caused by the farmers is a part of all the pollution, apart from this there are many things that pollute. On which the Delhi government should take action, The Supreme Court said that the central government should also come out of politics and work together with the Delhi government in this matter so that common life can be right,The court also said that you started recalling school children from the last two weeks and since then these people are inhaling such dirty air.

आप लोगों को क्या लगता है दिल्ली सरकार का पोलूशन लोक डाउन लगाने का निर्णय सही है या गलत नीचे जरूर कमेंट करें.

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