IPL 2022 Mega Auction Date News New Team Name List CSK RCB MI KKR RR SRH DC PBKS Retain Player Schedule live time table in hindi

2022 का आईपीएल ऑक्शन कब होगा IPL 2022 Mega Auction Date & Time in hindi Chennai & Bangaluru retains players list new team list Live points table schedule in pdf RCB Target players csk retains players 2022 in hindi Mumbai Indian MI, Rajasthan Royal RR, Subrisers hyderabad SRH, Checnnai superkings, Royal challengers bangaluru, Kolkata knight riders KKR, Delhi Capital DC Punjab Kings PBKS new players rtm card IPL New Teams: RPSG, CVC make winning bids for Lucknow and Ahmedabad retention rules

IPL 2022 Mega Auction Date

IPL 2022 two New Team Players – Check here

IPL 2022 Schedule Date & Time

The 15 edison of the Indian Premier League is going to start permanently in 2022, it will be sponsored by vivo.ipl This IPL will run from 27 March 2022 to 21 May 2022 that its fixed time table schedule has not yet come but it is within India. IPL 2022 Date, Fixture, Team, Venue, Date, Time Table, PDF download, Point Table, Ranking, Winning Prediction, and all you need to know about the IPL 2022. In IPL 2022 schedule, total 76 T20 matches  and around 10 teams will take part in it.

आईपीएल 2022 मे कुल कितनी टीम होगी How many team in ipl 2022 & match time

Match No Match Center Date Time
1 MI  Vs RCB 27-Mar-2022 7:30 PM
2 CSK Vs  DC 28-Mar-2022 7:30 PM
3 SRH Vs  KKR 29-Mar-2022 7:30 PM
4 RR Vs  PBKS 30-Mar-2022 7:30 PM
5 KKR Vs  MI 31-Mar-2022 7:30 PM
6 SRH Vs RCB 01-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
7 RR  Vs DC 02-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
8 PBKS Vs  CSK 03-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
9 MI Vs  SRH 03-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
10 RCB Vs  KKR 04-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
11 DC Vs PBKS 05-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
12 CSK Vs  RR 06-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
13 DC Vs  MI 07-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
14 PBKS Vs  SRH 08-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
15 KKR Vs  CSK 09-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
16 RCB Vs RR 10-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
17 PBKS Vs  MI 10-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
18 RR Vs  KKR 11-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
19 CSK Vs  RCB 12-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
20 SRH Vs  DC 13-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
21 PBKS Vs  KKR 14-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
22 DC Vs  RCB 15-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
23 CSK Vs  SRH 16-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
24 MI Vs  RR 17-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
25 DC Vs  KKR 17-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
26 PBKS Vs  RCB 18-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
27 MI Vs  CSK 19-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
28 RR Vs  SRH 20-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
29 PBKS Vs  DC 21-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
30 KKR  Vs RCB 22-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
31 SRH Vs  MI 23-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
32 RR Vs  CSK 24-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
33 RCB Vs  PBKS 24-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
34 SRH Vs  CSK 25-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
35 KKR Vs  DC 26-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
36 RR Vs  MI 27-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
37 CSK Vs  PBKS 28-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
38 RCB Vs  SRH 29-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
39 MI Vs  KKR 30-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
40 DC Vs  RR 01-May-2022 3:30 PM
41  CSK Vs  KKR 01-May-2022 7:30 PM
42 MI Vs  PBKS 02-May-2022 7:30 PM
43 SRH Vs  RR 03-May-2022 7:30 PM
44 RCB Vs  DC 04-May-2022 7:30 PM
45 KKR Vs  PBKS 05-May-2022 7:30 PM
46 RR Vs  RCB 06-May-2022 7:30 PM
47 CSK Vs  MI 07-May-2022 7:30 PM
48 DC Vs SRH 08-May-2022 7:30 PM
49 KKR Vs  RR 08-May-2022 3:30 PM
50 SRH Vs  PBKS 09-May-2022 7:30 PM
51 RCB Vs  MI 10-May-2022 7:30 PM
52 KKR Vs  SRH 11-May-2022 7:30 PM
53 DC Vs  CSK 12-May-2022 7:30 PM
54 PBKS Vs  RR 13-May-2022 7:30 PM
55 MI Vs  DC 14-May-2022 3:30 PM
56 RCB Vs  CSK 15-May-2022 7:30 PM
57 Qualifier-1 17-May-2022 7:30 PM
58 Eliminator 18-May-2022 7:30 PM
59 Qualifier-2 19-May-2022 7:30 PM
60 FINAL 21-May-2022 7:30 PM

Mega Auction Date & Time (IPL 2022)

IPL 2021 season 14 has just ended and 15 seasons of IPL are yet to be optioned, the auction will be around the first week of January 2022, what will be the new rules of IPL 2022, how players will be retained. all details provide in this page. Yes, two news teams will be added to the existing pool of eight franchises. BCCI had already clarified the development that the two new teams will be brought in.


Till now the players of all these teams are not fixed, only after the aucton starts, we will be able to know the complete list of players. Once all the documentation process of the teams is done, the BCCI will induct the two new teams in mid-October. Which players will be retained back by Chennai and Bangalore, show which players are going out, only after having all the auctions will be known

IPL 2022 New Team name list & new Rules

The exact winning bid for the new two IPL teams are:

  • RP – Sanjiv Goenka Group – 7,090cr for Lucknow team
  • CVC Capital – 5,625cr for Ahmedabad team.

There are two new team in this 2022 ipl. the BCCI said it clearly it. But no name given them yet. but it is expected that there could be some addition to the existing rules due to the inclusion of the two new franchises. For this, any city can be chosen like Ranchi City, Lucknow City of Nawab to Ahmedabad etc. New teams will be named after one of these cities.