Jammu Bandh Tomorrow 2023 News Today is Closed or Not 26 August

jammu bandh tomorrow news today tomorrow jammu is closed or not why is jammu bandh tomorrow

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Jammu Bandh Tomorrow 2023

Jammu Bandh Tomorrow 2023 News Today

A news is continuously going viral on social media – Has there been a call for Jammu Bandh on 26 August 2023? The people of Sarir toll plaza have expressed their anger over the collection of toll tax and the smart meter and have called upon people on social media to keep Jammu closed on August 26.

Jammu Bandh News Today 26 August 2023

Many parties have given their support to this call of Jammu Bandh, like Manish Sahni Shiv Sena and Hindu Shiv Sena led by Krishna Manas, many organizations have given their full support to this call and appealed to show solidarity. At the same time, his aim is to take this movement started by Jammu and Yuva Rajput Sabha to its conclusion. Trade boards Samba and Ghagwal have also called for a bandh tomorrow in connection with the movement.

Tomorrow Jammu is closed or not

Regarding this rumour, the Deputy Commissioner of Jammu has said that this kind of rumor is being spread through social media but at present no curfew has been imposed in Jammu. Nor is there a bandh call. I request all the citizens that you also do not support this bandh.

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