Jio Phone next 2021 Features Price RAM launch date in india Flipkart Amazon

Jio phone next 2021 price  ram launch date in india flipkart Amazon Brand Model Battery capacity Rear camera, Front camera Sim type and Other Details Jio Phone Next mobile was launched on 4th November 2021 with a resolution of 720×1440 pixels

Jio Phone next  price in India

phone is priced in India at Rs. 6,499 without EMI. With EMI, users have to pay Rs. 1,999 upfront and then the rest in EMIThe initial price of Reliance Jio Phone Next has been kept at ₹ 64099 and it will be sold from Diwali i.e. November 4, this information has been given by the company, although some offers were given to the customers from Jio, in which the purchase was from 1999. Will be able to do it from Reliance Jio Store.

jio phone next

Brand jio phone next
Price In India  ₹6,499
Battery capacity 3500 mAh
Screen size 5.45 inches
jio phone next RAM 2 GB
Rear camera 13-megapixel
Front camera 8-megapixel
4G/ LTE yes

Jio Next Phone Call From Processor And Android Based OS Running On Ultra Optimized Version GIO Specially Designed For Jio Phone Next In Which 10 Indian Languages ​​Will Be Supported Register interest for Next The customer can also WhatsApp message by writing hi to 17 18 270 182 The company said that if a customer gets a booking confirmation, then go back to Gio Store.

Jio 5G NET Sim 

jio phone next All over Plane 

This plan will get 5gb data and total 100 minutes of calling every month for 18 24 months, customers will have to pay ₹ 300 every month for 24 months or ₹ 350 every month for 18 months if you take an 18-month plan. So you will have to pay 6300 rupees during the whole brigade, in which the cost of phone and dataAnd other services are also included i.e. the total price of the phone will be ₹ 8299 but keep in mind that data service will also be included in this

 Large Plane 

In this plan, customers will have to pay ₹ 450 every month for 24 months and ₹ 500 for 18 months, in this plan, customers will get 1 point 5 GB data and unlimited calls every day, its total price for 18 months will be ₹ 9000 in this Data and free calls will also be an action plan, in this customers will get 2GB data every dayAnd unlimited calls will be given, in this customers will have to pay ₹ 500 every month for 24 months and ₹ 550 every month for 18 months, in this matter the total customer cost will be ₹ 9900

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