Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained: Twists, Reunions, and a Surprise Ending

Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained: The thrilling third season of “Lupin” had us on the edge of our seats from the very beginning, and it concluded with a jaw-dropping finale that left us eager for more. In the final episode, titled “Lupin Season 3 Episode 7,” Assane Diop, the masterful gentleman thief, embarks on a daring mission that involves reuniting with his mother, confronting his past, and outwitting his enemies. Let’s dive into the recap and breakdown of the season 3 finale.

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Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained

A Frightening Start

The episode kicks off with a heart-pounding moment as Jean-Luc Keller breaks into Claire’s apartment, sending Claire and her son Raoul into a state of terror. Claire’s quick thinking surprises us all as she manages to distract Keller by leaving a voicemail on her home phone, pretending to be absent. It’s clear that Claire has learned a few tricks from Assane himself, and her resourcefulness shines through.

Reunion with Mariama

In a touching and long-awaited moment, Assane reunites with his mother, Mariama. He presses her for answers about why she didn’t join him and his father 25 years ago. Mariama reveals that she tried but was unjustly treated by her employer, leading her down a path of crime. It’s a poignant moment that highlights the complexities of their shared history.

Claire’s Plea for Help

Claire reaches out to Assane, revealing that she knows his true identity as “Alex.” This time, Assane reunites with his son and Claire as himself, not under the guise of Alex. It’s a significant moment as Claire finally meets Mariama, becoming a mother-in-law and grandmother simultaneously.

Assane’s Grand Plan

Assane’s primary goal is to secure the release of his wrongfully imprisoned friend, Benjamin. Despite Mariama and Claire’s reservations, Assane concocts an elaborate plan. Posing as a Lieutenant Colonel, he befriends a decorated military man by fabricating a shared history. This clever ruse gains him access to a high-profile party where he meets the Minister of Interior.

The Heist and the Threat

Assane breaks into the Minister’s office, steals valuable information from his safe, and escapes through underground tunnels. Mariama plays a crucial role in this operation, ensuring their escape. Assane’s next move is to use the stolen information to blackmail the Minister into releasing Benjamin from prison, but there’s a twist – he demands the release of Manon instead.

Unmasking Jean-Luc Keller

Assane enlists Manon’s help in exposing the truth about Jean-Luc Keller. Through a series of revelations and flashbacks, it’s revealed that Keller was involved in a tragic incident in 1998, where a cop was killed during a robbery. Assane masterminded a plan to frame Keller for the cop’s murder, leading to his capture.

The Final Confrontation

At the Place de L’√Čtoile, Assane confronts Keller and informs him that Manon won’t be coming to his aid. Assane demands the Black Pearl, a priceless item, in exchange for keeping Keller’s secret. The police arrive, and Keller faces arrest for the murder of Ferdinand Marchal.

Assane’s Sacrifice

As Claire, Raoul, and Mariama find safety, Assane decides that the only way to protect his loved ones from Keller’s vengeance is to willingly surrender to the police. In exchange for Ben’s release from prison, Assane secures one last condition – access to read his beloved Lupin books.

Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained: A Surprise Ending

Just when we thought the episode couldn’t get more intense, the final twist arrives. Assane’s cell neighbor turns out to be none other than his old enemy, Hubert Pellegrini. This shocking revelation leaves us craving more of the thrilling Lupin saga.


The season 3 finale of Lupin delivered on its promise of suspense, intrigue, and emotional depth. Assane’s complex character and his unwavering commitment to justice and family continue to captivate audiences. With the surprise appearance of Hubert Pellegrini, it’s clear that there are more twists and turns ahead in the Lupin universe. We can’t wait to see where the story goes next, and until then, we’ll eagerly await the next chapter in Assane Diop’s extraordinary journey.

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