Mahaprinirwan Day 2021, Slogan For 65th Bhim Puny Tithi & All Information Dr Ambedkar Diwas

Mahaprinirwan Diwas 6 Dec 2021, 65th Jai Bhim day, Slogan For Mahaprinirwan Ambedkar Day 2021


By the way, if you live in India and do not know about Bhimrao Ambedkar, this is not possible .Nevertheless, before telling about his Mahaparinirvana day, we will tell a little information about Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Dr Bhim was born on 14 th April 1891 in Mau village of Madhya Pradesh, Ambedkar sahib was born in a dalit mahar family.Dr. His father was an officer in the Indian Army. he did his studies from US, UK and Germany.

Mahaprinirwan Day 2021, Slogan For 65th Bhim Puny Tithi

Why and when is Ambedkar Mahaparinirvana Day celebrated?

Mahaparinirvana Day is celebrated on 6th December on the death anniversary of Ambedkar, 65th Mahaparinirvana Day will be celebrated this year.  This Day is celebrated across the country to pay tribute to the architect of the Indian Constitution. On this day the people of SC ST and Government of India’s employee council organize a function to say thanks to Ambedkar ji.

He had contributed a lot in keeping the whole country united and the constitution made by him guides his country even today.

How is Ambedkar’s Mahaparinirvana Day celebrated?

On this day a large number of people visit Ambedkar’s memorial located in Dadar and pay tribute to him and thank the architect of the Indian Constitution, Bhim Ambedkar.

On the morning of Mahaparinirvan Diwas, a large number of people go to the Parliament House and give reverence to Ambedkar ji while saying the slogan of “Baba Saheb Amar Rahe”.

Hindi Slogan Jai bhim mahaprinirvan diwas : 
  • आज आप जहां खड़े हैं उसके लिए बाबा साहब लड़े हैं
  • आज आपके पास जो दौलत है वह बाबा साहब की बदौलत है
  • के पैकेट में जो पेन है वह बाबा साहब की देन है
  • आपके पास जो कार है वह बाबा साहब का उपकार है
  • जीवन में जो शांति है वह बाबा साहब क्रांति है
  • फिर भी आप मौन हैं दिल पर हाथ रख कर गई आपकी तरक्की के पीछे कौन है

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Mahaprinirwan diwas jai bhim Status For Whatsapp and Facebook : 

  1. जुल्मी जब जब जुल्म करेगा सत्ता के गलियारों में चप्पा चप्पा गूंज उठेगा जय भीम के नारों से
  2. जब तक सूरज चांद रहेगा बाबा साहब का नाम रहेगा
  3. मान है सम्मान है जय भीम के नारों में
  4. तुम भी बोलो मैं भी बोलूं जय भीम जय भीम
  5. संघर्षों के आदी हैं हम अंबेडकरवादी हैं

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