NIT Warangal Car Accident News Today Student Died at Mulugu

Welcome all of you to NDLM latest news. A news is coming out in the latest news that a student of NIT Warangal has died in a car accident. This student is studying in Warangal in second year. Five other people have been injured in this accident. The accident occurred at Jangalapalli intersection in Mulugu district. This car overturned after hitting a divider located there and collided directly with a vehicle coming from the front.

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NIT Warangal Car Accident

NIT Warangal Car Accident News Today

The student who died in this accident belongs to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Its age is said to be around 19 years. Nissi Sijju has been identified as its name. He was returning after visiting a lake. After the accident, the people present there called an ambulance and all of them were admitted to Mulugu area hospital where one student was declared dead and the others were shifted to a private hospital.

NIT Warangal Student Car Accident

All the students of National Institute of Technology Warangal were going back towards Warangal after completing their journey. People say that Karya was coming at high speed and it lost its control due to which it collided with the divider. Apart from this, five other students of age Shahi Sujeet Reddy Shreya etc have suffered serious injuries due to which they have been admitted to the hospital, Alanki. Now their condition is said to be stable. The local police is engaged in the investigation of this matter.

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