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Vikram Vedha 2022 1st Day Box Office Collection

Hello Friends Vikram Veda 2022 This movie starring Hrithik Roshan has been released in theaters today. All the previous movies were running in huge losses due to boycott but in the meantime there is some happiness for Bollywood that Brahmastra movie has been successful in garnering audience at the box office so far. Looking at this, it can be guessed that Vikram Vedhajo’s remake of South’s 2017 movie will also be successful in tying the audience. For the time being, in this article, we will talk about how much was the first day box office collection of Vikram Veda movie.

Vikram Vedha 2022 1st Day Box Office Collection

Despite a lot of efforts, some websites, whether it is a Bollywood movie or a South movie, get them wrongly downloaded on their site, which is legal offense. This website of ours does not download any movie here in any way. Nor does it suggest for any such website that you go to that website and download this movie. Our aim is only and only to tell the audience about this movie that how is this movie, what will be its first day box office collection and will this movie be a hit or a flop.

Vikram Vedha Movie box office collection first day

Now coming to the collection for day 1, Vikram Vedha has grossed 1.12 crores so far through advance booking. A few days back, we were comparing it with Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’s 6.70 crores gross, but the number now seems to be out of reach. With 2 more days remaining for the release, let’s see where the film will go.

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