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To encourage digitalization through the Government of India, payments are being made cashless, under which various types of platforms are being launched to make online payments, with the help of which online payments can be made easily. In such a situation, the Yojana Sanchalan Portal is being issued to make cashless payments to all the citizens of the state through the Government of Rajasthan. Under this portal, the citizens of the state can get the benefit of paying online payments. So today we are going to let you know all the necessary information related to the scheme operation portal through this article.

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Welcome to Yojana Sanchalan Portal Govt of Rajasthan Singal nodel account SNA Portal

Agencies will be mapped with PFMS and SNAs who will get virtual amount limits to make further payments. They will allocate bills and due verification at their end on the SNA platform which will be completely powered by SNA.


The component is the type of payment that will be received through the SNA. Here, the SNA will conduct the payment process as per the components and categories mapped with the IFMS along with the PFMS code. Payment will be executed head-wise for the specific component and category.


The schemes are organized and operated by the government and are designed for the social welfare of the citizens. Planning plays a pivotal role in solving the socio-economic problems that majorly engulf our society. Here, the government takes steps to make all payments cashless and paperless.

Regarding payment and implementation on the operational portal, Rajasthan School Education Council instructions

  1. The last unit of the implementing agency on the operating portal is to be mapped to the registered DDO on PEEO or PayManager.
  2. Based on the approvals received from the state level, the Inter-District Project Coordinator’s Office, issues separate approvals in the format of item-wise approvals before issuing the limits on the operational portal to the Chief Block Education Officer subordinate to him.
  3. Based on the approvals received from the district office, the Chief Block Education Officer should issue separate approvals based on item wise and number of schools, in which several limits continued to be issued to PEEO’s school along with its subordinate primary/upper primary schools. Please issue the approvals mentioning that.
  4. Based on approvals received from the Chief Block Education Officer, PEEO will issue approval to its subordinate schools to spend the said amount and the payment has to be made to the vendors/beneficiaries from the level of PEEO. Under no circumstances PEEOs should make the bank accounts of their subordinate schools vendors.
  5. The limit will be issued by the Chief Block Education Officer only to the concerned Nodal PEEO for Kasturba Gandhi Residential School. The record will be maintained by the nodal PEEO itself by paying the expenses of the concerned KGBV through the operation portal.
  6. PEEOs will maintain records at their level by making payment of bill vouchers presented by their subordinate schools as per rules. In any case, the concerned PEEO/DDO will also ensure that payment is not made more than the limit issued school-wise.
  7. Out of the payments made through the operational portal of Samagra Shiksha and STARS project, the state item deductions are to be deposited in the respective budget items, first of all, challan from the related budget head through the eras portal login of your office. The bill has to be generated and deposited in the state head after generating it on the operation portal. (Photocopy of the circular dated 10.10.2022 of the Finance (Procurement) Department, Government of Rajasthan is attached)
  8. At present, there is no provision to issue advance amounts on the Operations Portal, so do not issue advance amounts through the Operations Portal.
  9. Regarding depositing the remaining amount of the project in the SNA to the district, block, and schools, the Council’s order no. 7 ( ) / Raskuship / Accounts / SNA / 2021-22 / 2205 dated 31.03.2022, it was directed to deposit the remaining amount of Samagra Shiksha directly in the SNA account. According to the instructions received by the Finance Department, the remaining amount of overall education has to be transferred from the PD account of the state level (council) to the SNA account only. Therefore, the remaining amount of overall education should be transferred from the school level to the bank account of the Chief Block Education Officer, and the amount received by the Block Education Officer to the bank account of the Additional District Project Coordinator. Action will be taken to deposit the residual amount received by the district level in the PD account of the council after classifying it budget item-wise.
  10. Checkbook is not to be issued from the SNA account of Samagra Shiksha and STARS project; no implementing agency should take action for this.

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